Monday, November 14, 2011

Drop. Your. Sword.

The Dread Pirate Roberts has passed the eel infested waters and climbed the Cliffs of Insanity. He won duels of all sorts. The DPR and his princess have survived the Fire Swamp with its rodents of unusual size. (Commonly referred to as battle "buddies" who cause more trouble than they're worth.) He managed to get out of the Pit of Despair and storm the castle. Right now, he is threatening the powers that be with a duel to the pain. We all know that in the end, he and the princess will ride off into the sunset for a beautiful life together. However, in this moment, it's a little tense about how that happens.

Lloyd does not have the official date for his return home yet. Tomorrow, he will be pushing through the paperwork and threatening to duel anyone who slows him down in any way shape or form. Hopefully, there will be a call tomorrow that all is ready to go.

God bless!

Jumping for Joy!!

The current saga of Army related shenanigans will soon be coming to a close. While a lot of endings can be described as bittersweet, this one is not. It's just SWEET!!! On Thursday, 10 November 2011, Lloyd received his discharge orders. He did a couple of celebratory laps in the barracks and then called his wife who burst into tears of relief at work. (They are getting used to this at the Dousman Street Express. Management will likely breathe a sigh of relief when this saga is finally done.) He then began the task of tracking down the necessary parties in order to get his final "send me home now" paperwork. (A DD214 for those who are military minded.) It was delayed a bit due the holiday weekend, but he took a bit of time to rest up and prepare for a flurry of activity to get him on the first possible plane home. Hopefully, the date of departure will be set sometime today.

We thank you for your prayers over these last 23 months of challenges and ask you to keep praying for safe travels home.

God bless!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Time Frames and Terminal Leave

Between lack of phone calls and lack of internet, there hasn't been much updating happening for a bit....not that much has actually changed. Here's what we now know.

"Military" version: Lloyd heard from the medical review board last week. They came back with a 10% disability rating. Lloyd signed off on everything, and is waiting for all of the necessary packets to be signed at various locations around Fort Sill, so his discharge orders can be processed. At the time that his orders are finished, he will speak with the cadre about arranging for his terminal leave. They require 6 days notice before terminal leave can begin, and it takes an additional 72 hours for the orders to be cut for that leave for a total of 9 days. On the day that his leave begins, he will be given his flight information for arrival into Green Bay.

"Civilian" version: Lloyd finally heard back from the review board. He got a 10% rating which is what we expected but not what we wanted. He signed off on it all, and started the goat rodeo where they shuffle paperwork around for a week or two. Since they were stingy bastards about giving him his vacation time, he's got a bunch of it saved up. As soon as they finish his paperwork, he's going to make the arrangements with his boss to take all of his vacation time and have his last day in the Army be his last day of vacation. It takes them 9 days to figure out how to handle that because it's not like just about every person who leaves the military has this happen. They also are incapable of planning ahead, so they can't tell him until the day he leaves Oklahoma (or maybe the night before) when his flight is actually going to get into Green Bay. It's not like it will likely stay the same anyway since he'll probably end up connecting through Chicago, and anyone who's taken the Chicago to Green Bay puddle jumper knows that the flight is ALWAYS delayed.

No frustration shows in this posting, right?

On the brighter side, Express Convenience has been incredibly helpful and accommodating through all of our yo-yo life. When the plan was for Sarah to relocate, they created a "Green Bay flex team" floater position that would allow for a flexible departure date. After the relocation got scrapped, they happily have extended that position as long as it is needed. Additionally, even though the schedule will already be posted at that time, they have agreed to give the full day off when Lloyd returns with management covering the shift if necessary. It is really nice to know that there are companies out there who really live out their stated beliefs of working with employees to ensure that their personal life can be a priority. There are not a lot of places like that anymore.

Right now, we are praying that Lloyd receives his discharge orders by November 10 at the absolute latest, so he will be able to be at all of the various Thanksgiving/Christmas gatherings that will be happening in the next two months. This should be a slam dunk no brainer to have happen, but that isn't the way that things have gone for us the last 22 months. We appreciate any extra prayers that you'd like to send in that direction.

God Bless!