Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Working Without a Net

Bring it fuzzball

Recently, our Little Girl has turned into quite the fearless adventurer. While we knew that this day was coming, we were in no way really prepared for it. Is it even possible to be prepared for it? Do they make safety harnesses and nets in toddler size?

The last couple of weeks, a certain little someone has:

  • Learned  how to crawl into the recliner while someone is sitting in it.
  • Started standing "no hands" for a second or two.
  • Become an expert at switching between furniture supports while cruising around the house.
  • Decided to start crawling up a flight of stairs. (She was caught at step number two, and a baby gate put in place to prevent further climbing.)
    Exploring the yard
  • Climbed on barriers that we had to keep her away from the dog's fan in the living room. Poor Gretl no longer gets the extra fan since we can't keep it out of the Little Girl's reach.
  • Wrestle and pin the dog. (And any playmates roughly her size or smaller.) I also caught her today wielding my cooling rack like a folding chair in a WWF match. Poor pup.
  • Managed to crawl onto the door of the dishwasher and a living room end table. (We're trying to put a stop to that before she gets big enough to damage the door.)
  • Fear of grass has been mostly overcome, and it has resulted in a desire to explore the yard. We are going to be purchasing one of those play area fence things shortly, so she can explore while I work in the garden.

 In addition to her adventurous exploits
A hungry little girl
  • Six new teeth popped through in the last two weeks bringing her total to 16.
  • This week's favorite toy is a colander that makes an absolutely wretched noise when she scrapes it across the floor.
  • It has become more fun to "read" books on her own than to have us read them to her. As I type, she is currently reading a book to Gretl.
  • She has become an ever-hungry bottomless pit. It doesn't matter if she's just had something to eat. If we sit down with food, she's at our side begging for demanding whatever we're having. Quaker Oatmeal Squares are pretty much her favorite, but they're nowhere near as yummy as she is convinced that Daddy's Skittles will be if we ever let her have them. She has also started to "blow" on her food to cool it when we do and tries to feed herself with a fork with some success. Her next goal is drinking from a glass, but we're not nearly as close with that one.
  • No amount of scolding or redirecting can stop the siren's song of all things tech. Laptops, phones, stereo systems....she just can't resist touching them.
  • Everyone she meets gets a high five if they'll play along. She also has started trying to use this as a distraction for us when she's into mischief. 
  • Either she's blowing kisses or saying "thank you" in sign language. We can't quite tell yet.
  • Snuggling and hugs for everyone! Favorite target remains the dog.
In other news, the car still was stalling after we got the new alternator put into it. We took it back to the shop and asked them to check for loose wires in it and were told that it was fine and they couldn't replicate the problem. The day after we picked it up, we ended up stranded at 11pm in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, the AAA truck that arrived was able to jump it and get us home. We took it into a different shop where they actually checked what we turns out, there were a couple of loose wires. Huh. Who would have thought?

Charlie starts school on Monday, so we are off to get the last minute items that he needs. Have a great day!