Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Review 2014

Why I don't expect to get much work done this year.
The year in review seems to be the thing to do right about now. So, to review: baby born, went on vacation, got a puppy, end of year. What? You wanted more? The New Year's Resolutions? Ok, here goes: feed, clothe and bathe baby; train puppy. I'm pretty sure that we're not going to have too much time for much more than that.

That said, things have been going pretty well for us. We are enjoying time with family and friends this Christmas season. A certain little girl found playing with the wrapped package to be just as much fun as playing with its contents. Go figure. She enjoys scrap paper and empty soda bottles too.

The big thing for us is that with a slightly more predictable sleep pattern from the little girl, we have been able to do a whole lot more work around the house. While it's not a show place (I wouldn't even want that), there have been significant strides in removing clutter and organizing. Hopefully we can use the momentum to continue making progress.

May God's peace rest on you all this coming year.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas is coming!

Thanks Auntie Katie!
Life has been cruising along here at Chez Sheffer. We had a nice Thanksgiving with family and friends out at the farm, and have been working on getting everything ready for Christmas and the new year. Christmas presents are finished and just need wrapping, cards will be addressed this weekend and posted on Monday, and we are working hard to clean and declutter around here, so we don't take extra junk into the new year. Ok. We'll take plenty of extra junk into the new year - I'm just hoping to decrease the amount enough that we can enjoy our space and have room for the things that we actually use and enjoy.

Christmas came a little early for a little girl - she got her two front teeth this week! One came in on Tuesday and its buddy popped through yesterday. This brings the total to 4 in with two more "close" for a few weeks now. (Luckily for us both she has not been using them to chomp down while nursing.) The gummy grin is starting to disappear.

Eating Cheerios in the hospital café.
This last week had some extra excitement. A certain little girl and I went down to Chicago for a few days, so she could hand down her title of "youngest member of the Blakeley Clan" to her new cousin. She as a super trooper with the travel and disruption of her sleeping schedule. We got to see the newest addition to the family, go for walks around Lincoln Square, and spend time with family and friends who are like family. We had a very nice couple of days, and at the same time we were really glad to get home too. Charlie was extra glad to see us because Gretl had apparently been worried about us and fussed and cried all night for the whole time that we were gone. So much for Charlie's plan of a couple of good night's sleep and time to do projects around the house. So much for outdoor Christmas lights. The kitchen was cleaned up, and that's plenty for me. We can do the lights next year.

Until next time.....

Hugs and love.