Friday, July 8, 2011

Pinch Me

Lloyd got his paperwork all signed. It went to San Antonio, and the medical review board gave him a 30% disability rating. He will be home next week.

And then the alarm goes off, the euphoria of the dream dissipates, and reality returns.

This week, Lloyd made a minor pest of himself at the med board office on base in the hopes that Miss Gibbs would be able to get his packet together and ready to send to San Antonio. No dice. He will have to try again next week.

Progress in other areas is being made at least. There are boxes ready to head over to the storage unit which is pretty exciting. (Did that really just get written? Boxes to a storage unit is exciting? What kind of an old fart is writing this thing?) Also, Lloyd has started looking into what will be involved for his schooling when he is finally able to come home and utilize his GI Bill. There are a LOT of schools out there, and we both want to make sure that he picks the one that will be the best fit and most helpful for him. (He's worked hard enough to get the GI Bill....he's going to make it worth it.) Right now there are a couple that really are standing out from the field. We'll have to see for sure how things look when he is out and able to check out campuses and talk to people from the schools.

One of these days, Lloyd really will have all of his stuff ready to sign, so he can come home. Until then, we'll just keep praying that the day comes quickly.

God Bless!


  1. HOME NEXT WEEK?!?!?!??!?! IS THIS REAL????!!!!????!!!

    So excited I can barely stay sitting!


  2. He'll only be home in my dreams babe. If he were coming home for real, I'd probably have written the whole post in caps.