Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Miss Gibbs....continued

Yesterday, Lloyd was able to talk with another soldier who had Miss Gibbs as a case manager. According to that soldier, she had been very frustrated with the delays and concerned that Miss Gibbs wasn't getting the work done on the case.....until everything was finished and she was able to read through the paperwork. At that time, she saw that based on the dates and other notations in the file, Miss Gibbs had been bulldogging the case to the best of her ability, and delays had not been her fault. We are encouraged that this may be the same for Lloyd's case.....even though it looks like nothing is moving, she is doing her best to get things done.

Right now, the hold up is the same that it has been for the last 6 weeks. Lloyd's doctors need to all get together and sign off on the NARSUM. (NARSUM is military speak for "narrative summary." In this case, it is a whole pile of papers that tell the story of Lloyd's medical issues with the US Army and why the doctors believe that his case merits a med board.) Before Lloyd's packet of information can go to the review board in Texas, all of the doctors need to reaffirm and sign that the information in it is correct. Without those signatures, we wait. And wait. And wait.

With all of the waiting that we do, it can be challenging to not let that inertia spread to other areas of life. For everything that we can not move forward on, there are others where we can make progress. One of the current struggles is to not let a malaise overtake everything and keep us from doing those things that can be done. We ask for our prayin' peeps to help us ask for the strength to continue to do those things that we can do.

God Bless!

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