Thursday, February 12, 2015

What Did You Find?

This was accidentally tossed in the trash. I saved it. You're welcome.
There is one phrase that has become increasingly common in my every day life. "What did you find (now)?" Nothing is safe. Sometimes it is more helpful than others. This morning, a little girl found a dust rag and has managed to wipe up a fair few of the doggie fuzz balls that have accumulated since I swept last night. If I could only get some more consistent help.... Ah, well, someday. I'll be happy to wait and enjoy today.

This week, I've been going through and thoroughly cleaning all of the commonly touched surfaces. We all had colds last week. (The little girl is an overachiever. She managed a double ear infection and sores on her throat in addition to the runny nose that her mama and daddy had.) We're well on the way to recovery though, so you're totally safe if you want to come and visit some evening to keep us girls company while Charlie is at class.

Work continues on clearing the "not ours" things from the house as well as decluttering our things. I love seeing spaces open up and storage totes get neatly organized and stacked. We have the ambitious goal of having the basement as a usable space by some time this year - and hopefully before the really hot days of summer arrive. We'll keep you posted. If anyone wants to help haul boxes out of the basement and take them to the farm, we'd be happy to have you here. Just sayin'.

Charlie is heading into the homestretch on a couple of his classes that are only half the term long. Prayers for him to be able to finish strong are appreciated.

Have a super week!

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