Saturday, August 1, 2015

Too Tired for a Decent Title

So much for my nap on the floor...
Summer continues to fly by us, and it seems like I last posted yesterday though the calendar tells me otherwise. 

Gretl is now mostly trained. The only thing that we still need to correct is her recent decision to bark before dawn because she's bored and wants to go sniff the flower beds. We would be fine with it if it was an emergency,
Smell my stinky feet fuzzball!
but stumbling out of the bedroom and trying to not have the Little Girl wake is getting old. One of these days, someone is going to break a toe on the door frame or something..... We are open to suggestions on how to correct this. Please. Someone tell me that you know how to fix this.

King Kong!
The Little Girl is getting to be a lot less little. *sniff* She has learned how to sign milk, more, and please - although at this point she really just sticks with please most of the time since it's pretty effective for getting whatever it is that she wants. While we normally do not cave into the pint sized dictator's demands, she occasionally
No? But this is so fun!
gets a few extra delicious snacks like grapes, corn on the cob, and cheese - her favorites. She also can point to her ears, nose, mouth, eyes, and toes, but her favorite is nose. It's the only one that she tries to say herself.

About two weeks ago, she decided to show off for her Lita and Gigi (my mom and grandma) by taking her first solo steps without the aid of furniture. She continues to show an extreme preference to crawling and scooting though and has only even attempted steps a couple of times since then. 

Charlie aced his math final ensuring that he will get a high enough score in the class to take Math 2 next term and continue in the wood tech program. The Little Girl and I are both proud of
Reading with Gigi
his efforts though we have missed having him around since he spends most afternoons and evenings in his study cave. 

I have continued to work in the garden attempting to overcome my brown thumb. All of the varieties of tomatoes now have fruit on them, but my San Marzano plants are suffering from blossom end rot. The rest of the plants seem fine, and Google seems to think that more water will help with prevention of more fruit going bad. The pumpkins seem to be doing really well - although this is little comfort to me because they were practically volunteers (we just tossed pumpkins in the compost pile, and the seeds sprouted), and I have done nothing to encourage their growth. 

Last but not least, a couple of months ago I got an activity tracker from Aldi. (Basically a Fitbit but at a much lower price.) I figured that it would show how much walking I was doing to get all my chores done around the house since it feels like I'm constantly walking, and I totally expected that I was getting my 10,000 steps daily. However, after looking at the numbers, I discovered that I was often getting much less than half of that number. Facing this reality, I committed to making sure that I get a minimum of 10,000 steps every single day. It has not been easy for me, but I am very proud to say that I have finished 15 days straight. Sometimes not until 11:30pm. Sometimes it took doing 4 miles on the track next door after putting the Little Girl to bed. While it isn't second nature to me yet, at least my muscles are getting used to the extra work and complain less about it. Once I get to 50 days straight (hopefully just before Labor Day weekend), I'm going to get a membership to the Y, so I can change up the exercise routine a bit and take advantage of their free childcare while I work out.

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