Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Apparently, we are so abundantly thankful that the website has a hard time handling all the photos while we share it.

A year of things to be thankful for:
An adorable niece born last December
Safety seats at Kwik Trip
How nicely these two play together
That fingernails heal quickly
That I have help with laundry

Just tons of help

So much help with the laundry

That we have loving friends
Who are there with hugs
For first birthday parties
For boogie bubbles
For the "Elvis" lip
That coloring is so fun
For exploring new things with friends

That Great Great Auntie Mimi's sweater is so warm

For blanket forts

That cooking lessons start early
That I have such kitchen help
For a roof with all the shingles

For sweaters from Nana
That brushing teeth is the best
For tutus
For Norske Nook pie
For time with Godparents
For the extra latch that now prevents jailbreaks
For jokes with Daddy
and just snuggles too
For bonfires at the Farm
 sitting on the stoop
and camping
For that one day last summer when the living room looked like a magazine
That she can't reach the pedals yet
For long rides in the stroller

For Door County cherry popsicles

For swimming on hot days

For stories with Gigi
For furniture on its second generation of abuse
For crazy hair days

For never being lonely in the kitchen
For books with Lita
For magic wands to manage mischief

For baby whisperers who can get slivers out of toes

Flexibility in more ways than one
Bubble baths

Living close enough to grow up with cousins

For Grandma
and Grandpa too

For Great Grandpa Buck
Great Grandpa Bill

and Great Grandpa Blakeley

We are so thankful for all of this and so much more. God's blessings on you all.

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