Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Helpin' Daddy

This is serious work here.
Much of the time, Charlie's projects in the shop require a moderate to skilled level of experience in woodworking - or at minimum the ability to follow directions closely and lift at least what an average adult can carry. None of these are within the abilities of a two year old no matter how cute she is or how much she sobs that she wants to see and help Daddy. Safety comes first. 

Not wanting to quash her intense desire to help, participate, and learn, we try to find ways to involve her when possible - especially when it is a project where Charlie needs a second set of hands. Much of the time this involves grabbing one of the safer tools and some scrap wood and putting her safely on the edge of our work area.

There are those times when less dangerous tools are used, the pace is slower, and a lovely young assistant/apprentice can join him in the shop or wherever he may be working on building things. This week has already afforded a couple of opportunities, and they both seized on the chance for a little Daddy/daughter time. 

Helpin' build potato boxes
First off were some wooden boxes for the potatoes we are growing this year. The theory is that as the potatoes grow, you put on another level and add soil or compost. At the end of the growing season, you remove the boxes, the soil falls away, and you easily harvest the potatoes. Throughout the summer Charlie has been building new boxes as the potatoes grow and need more layers. The Little Girl was thrilled beyond measure to sit on her log stool in the garage handing Daddy the screws to assemble the boxes. Later they hauled buckets of compost that were put in the top ring. 
Helpin' builded the shed.
Also on the agenda has been the construction of a small storage shed to hold our bikes and make them easier to access.  Again, it was a project that was a little less intense, and our little helper settled quickly into her niche of handing the screws to Daddy and was able to be a legitimate help. We still have another day or two's work to finish it, so there will likely be a lot more of this special time this week. 

Really lovin' that hammer...

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