Monday, December 23, 2013

Minor Turbulance

It has been said that making a decision is easy; managing one is difficult. Ain't that the truth? It always seems like there's some obstacle in the path to our goals. Between the roadblocks both external and internal, it's a wonder anyone has ever accomplished anything!

This last week, we've hit a couple of small bumps in the road. With all of our big plans and goals, we didn't do a very good job of putting it into smaller and more manageable pieces. The big picture of all that needs to be done got a little bit overwhelming, and we didn't even realize it right away. On the bright side, we caught the problem pretty quickly and will be making some adjustments right away. (Related side note: Sarah is not allowed to watch any more "soldier homecoming" or other similarly emotional videos until both joint and individual action plans have been developed. These sort of videos create an unfair situation for Lloyd who has no idea if the plan is the problem or some random video found on Facecrack.)

God Bless!

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