Monday, January 6, 2014


Ok, so we're not really under a quarantine order, but it sort of feels like we should be.

Last week we rang in the new year at home. Not because we didn't have places to go. We did. It was more because Sarah was in bed by 6:30pm with a fever to go along with a horrible cough. We almost did still ring in the new year out of the house, but the fever stayed below the threshold where the nurse felt that we could skip the ER visit and instead monitor at home and hopefully sleep it off. (This did not prevent Charlie from being very worried and checking every 20-30 minutes to see if he should go start warming up the car.)

A week has now passed, and while the last tail end of the bug is hanging on, Sarah is definitely on the mend and will be hopefully clear in a few more days. Charlie has been fighting the cough for a couple of days now and last night finally got hit hard by the fever and coughing. He was somehow upright today though and is currently at work. Hopefully it will go well since the car is in the shop right now, so there is no second vehicle to go pick him up if he has problems.

Prayers for speedy recovery are appreciated.

God bless!

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