Thursday, June 5, 2014

Elska = Mary Poppins

Ignore the laundry drying
in the background and just
focus on the cute baby.
Practically perfect in every way. That's our little girl. It's not just us saying it either. Her pediatrician said so at her two month appointment. He also called her alert, responsive, and right on track. She's getting big too.....23 3/4" and 9lbs 9oz. This puts her in the 80th percentile for height and the 9th for weight. Apparently she got her mama's build. She was also a real trooper with her shots - even with an extra one. (The normal combo vaccine isn't ethically produced.)

In other news, we may have found our new (to us) vehicle. Charlie likes it, and I love it. We're having the service shop do an inspection on it today since we would be purchasing from a private party. Here's to hoping that it's in as good of condition as the seller has told us.

Finally, we have the gardening projects update. The celery? It was doing well but growing slowly. I planted it in a pot with some nice potting soil. It died a couple of days later. Go figure. The green onions are growing still but not thriving. I'll be moving the pot outside this week to see if that helps any. The lettuce? Dead. Since last post, I planted some sweet basil that I got in a kit from the Tar-jay dollar spot area. It's growing nicely, and we've harvested a few leaves to dry and use. I attempted to start two packets of tomato seeds. From them, I have one small sprout that may make it. I'll be getting a tray or two from the store this week, so I can actually have tomatoes this year. The two cherry tomato plants in the front planter are growing nicely. Having them visible from the front walk is helpful in remembering to water them. I have a tray of hot peppers that I started from two packets of seeds, and the majority of the seeds have sprouted and are growing. Hopefully they'll be ready for transplant soon. Last but not least, the raspberries have started to flower, and I can't wait for them to be ready. We managed to stretch out last year's harvest, so we're still eating frozen berries from last year, but it'll be nice to get fresh ones again.

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