Sunday, June 1, 2014

I Washed All of the Dishes. How Come There Are Dirty Dishes?

With lots of rain and even thunder today, there will be no going for a walk or time in the garden to use as an excuse for not finishing this post that I've been trying to get done for two weeks now. Most of these last couple of weeks, we have been doing a lot of the little things like washing dishes and laundry, cooking meals, paying know - life. It's definitely trickier to get things done with three of us now in the house and SOMEBODY doesn't really pull her weight doing chores around here. We are starting to finally get into a semblance of a routine though, and there was even a night when all of the dishes were washed before bedtime.

There have been a few of the other highlights that merit mentioning:

  • Charlie and Elska did a great job for Mothers' Day this year. There is a Doctor Who poster in a frame and waiting to go on the wall thanks to Elska, and Charlie found the Firefly board game for family game night. Yay for geek family time! Unfortunately for me, the bar is pretty high for Fathers' Day. I'm sure that us girls can come up with something awesome.
  • Elska sleeps through the night now - at least when she feels like it. Even when she does decide to wake up in the middle of the night, it's normally only once, and it has improved the overall sleep levels for her mama. (And made it possible to go shopping for groceries after she goes to sleep for the night. What did people do before grocery stores were open 24 hours per day?)
  • Our house in Green Bay is finally sold. A huge weight has been lifted with that bit of news.
  • Elska got to have her first evening at Grandma and Grandpa's house without Mama or Daddy....we went out for dinner and a movie, and she got to hang out with Grandma for the evening and even got to try out having her dinner from a bottle. A good time was definitely had by all.
  • Charlie has put in his two weeks' notice at Best Buy. He will be getting ready for school to start. After he knows what the workload will be, he will probably look to find something for a few hours a week that will be fun for him to do. We are both very glad that his time in service earned him veteran's education benefits that are making it possible for him to not have to work nearly as many hours while going to school. It's a reminder that while that season in our lives was very difficult, it was worth it.
  • We got a great deal on a couple of ceiling fans that we will hopefully be able to get installed this week. Sure, they'll help keep cooling costs down this summer, but the best part is that in addition to looking cool, we should now have a light fixture in the living room where ALL of the bulbs will be able to be turned on. I know; it's the little things though. 

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