Monday, April 20, 2015

Boogie Baby

Last Sunday morning, as we were halfway out the door and loading a cute little munchkin to go to church, my key wouldn't work in the deadbolt. Charlie tried his. We tried the backup keys. That lock was just not going to work. It might not have been so bad, but we didn't have keys to any of the other locks. There is nothing quite like something making you late for church to remind you why you need to be there.

Monday's project? Change the hardware, so we actually have matching keys. (The garage door still need to be redone, but I lost momentum after changing two doorknobs and two deadbolts. I'll get to it eventually.) It will be very nice to be able to have more options - like leaving the porch door unlocked when one of us will be coming home in the dark or inclement weather, so we can dig for keys on a dry and lit porch. 

Monday we also had an epic meltdown from a certain little girl. She decided that she did not want to sit up on her own but would rather just lay there crying. (Unless I left the room for some reason which would result in her stopping and spinning on her back to get a good view of when I returned.) This ultimately went on for over an hour. It was not fun for either of us. If there was an easier way to teach kids to assess and fix their problems instead of waiting for someone to come rescue them, I would totally be on board. She ended up none the worse for wear and was begging for delicious food from Mama's plate just a short time later.

The rest of the week got a little difficult for everyone due to a LOT of teeth working their way in at once. Our poor little munchkin has had a nose that's either been running like a faucet, or, more recently, stuffed and congested until it's miserable. Her lungs have luckily stayed clear, and we're hoping for relief to be in sight soon.

In other news, lots of work got done in the yard, and some progress was made in the efforts to transform the second bedroom from a storage place where the little girl sleeps to an actual bedroom where she can play. There's a lot more to do, but we are making steady progress every day.

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