Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Shadow

We have had some busy days around here. 

Because of all the rain last week, we were stuck inside for a good chunk of the time. This gave a certain little girl and I plenty of time to take the DVDs that Charlie and I had downsized and put them for sale online. We still have a lot of them left, but we do have a little less cluttering the house and a few extra bucks in the budget. Not too shabby for a fairly small effort.

When the weather finally cleared up, I was able to get outside and do some yard work. There is still plenty to do, but one of the gardens is starting to look like a garden, and I have gotten some progress on the lawn as well. With all the rain that we had, I am expecting that we may have to mow the lawn as soon as this weekend. Normally, I would not be so thrilled about this. However, we could really use the grass clippings for the garden, so I am a little more receptive to it this year.

I spent how long to only get this done?
The little girl is becoming less little every single day. She has gotten to be incredibly skilled at standing whenever she wants and walking along furniture. She is still not so sure about sitting back down though. Normally, she starts screaming and crying as her poor little legs wobble and are about to give out. We try really hard to not laugh at her for it. It's really hard sometimes. She also went to her very first ever Little Mover's Storytime at the library. She was quite the little social butterfly scooting herself around the circle and meeting all sorts of new people - the librarians think that she's adorable. I'm just glad that they don't look scandalized when she starts screeching in excitement at the top of her lungs. She really likes the library.

Daddy, do you have grapes?
She's also become quite the little beggar when it comes to dinner times. No matter how recently she has just eaten, she wants to eat whatever we happen to have on our plate. On the bright side (for me anyway), Daddy's plate is way more interesting than Mama's on most days. It does make it really interesting for him when he's trying to quick eat lunch before heading to school. 

Gretl has taken a few giant steps backward in her training the last few days. While she has been behaving pretty well inside, she has decided that the rules don't apply to her outside. As a result, she is now wearing the training collar all day - we don't want to take any chances with cars.

We have now are on day 6 of a noisy cricket. Miss Fluffypie needs to eat that stupid thing. Luckily, we can't hear it in the bedrooms, but it's pretty annoying throughout the day. She's got to get hungry soon, right? Right?

Charlie has been making plans on what he's going to do with the trailer frame that we bought and starting doing some of the welding for it. Right now, it's basically an axle, a couple of wheels, and enough of a frame to attach it to a hitch. By the time that he's done with it, we're going to have a really nice trailer. The welding courses are paying off even before he's finished them!

We are getting set for another busy week here at Chez Sheffer. At least we make sure to never be so busy that we can't sit down for some snuggles and a book.

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