Friday, June 3, 2011

Dr. Ding Dong

It's been another long week with not a lot of news coming out of Fort Suck Sill. There is still no word on the leave packet, and we are down to five working days to get it straight (four until the car rolls out from Green Bay) and everything approved. Not that there's any pressure or anything. This is pretty much what we had expected from the start though. The last time Lloyd requested leave (in September), it was not approved until about 18 hours before it was time to hit the road. Luckily the route is the same either way until Wichita, KS in case things are that tight again. If Lloyd had waited until the last minute to put in the request, it would be one thing....this request has been sitting on some guys desk for a full four weeks already. Basically, we've got some petty wanker on a power trip who wants to make sure that Lloyd knows who's in charge. 

As far as the med board process, Lloyd finally got around the gate keepers and was able to bust his foot off in someone's backside to figure out the problem and why he's been delayed for a month now. It turns out that when Lloyd had his physical back on May 4, Dr. Bell typed the results (AKA the permanent profile) into the computer, printed a draft for Lloyd, and then forgot to hit "save" on the computer. As a result, there was no electronic permanent profile in the files, (and Lloyd's copy said "draft" on it and couldn't be used for the final paperwork,) so nothing could move forward. Apparently, this is not the first time that something like this has happened which begs the question why no one thought to check on it until Lloyd made multiple requests for them to review the paperwork and explain the delay. From the sound of it, he will likely have to schedule another appointment to meet with Dr. Ding Dong and have him retype the permanent profile. (Lloyd will likely watch to make sure that he hits "save" this time around.) As frustrating as all of this is, at least there is an answer and a plan to get things moving again, so we're filing this under "good news" even though it pretty much sucks dead earthworms.

A lot of people have asked why Lloyd's med board is taking so long and why he isn't home yet. This is just one example. There is not a whole lot of accountability for folks to get things done. If Lloyd had not made all of those trips to the office (the first couple of times they told him that there was nothing that could be done to speed up the process) and pestered them until they actually looked at his file, they would probably let him sit there until his contract was about to run out before they even noticed. 

Thanks so much for your continued prayers and encouragement. We need it now more than ever.

God bless!


  1. Jesus come near. This is no fun! Comfort, comfort, your people. Bring action where there seems to be none. Clear the path for safe travels and approved leaves as soon as your timing is. Keep Lloyd and Sarah in your arms and help them feel your guidance and protection of their marriage. Bless this family.

    Love you guys.

  2. Yikes! It is sad that our country is coming to this. I have forgotten some of what I learned in school, but fortunately they at least taught me the basics (and then some) initially. It's my job now to keep up with my education. I wish more people felt education was a lifelong process, not something that happens between the four walls of a school room.