Monday, June 27, 2011


There have been some questions lately about if the Sheffers are moving. The answer, in short, is yes....eventually.

For those who haven't been to our house, it's pretty small. Ok, most people who live in apartments have more living and storage space. It's about 600 square feet and has a couple of small closets for storage. No basement. No attic. And the single car garage which used to be used for storing little used items now holds a 1964 Comet. Now, when it was built, a nice couple could have probably raised their 2.4 kids and had a dog. These days, it's basically big enough for one person and their crap. This was fine when it held one person and her crap. Then, we got married. Fitting all of two people's stuff in the house just ain't going to happen - and actually having a second person?....not a good idea if you don't want a fight.

Our solution is simple. We're going to plan to sell the house and find another place to live. Where that will be is something that we will be deciding together after Lloyd has discharge papers in hand and boots on the ground in Green Bay. It might be in Green Bay; it might be in another state. We are exploring a lot of different options right now. While a fantastic long term solution, it doesn't solve the short term issue of not enough places to keep stuff. That will be addressed by renting storage space somewhere and putting all of the stuff that we will need in our new place but don't have room for at the house. This should also make it easier when we do move because most of the stuff will already be packed to go. (Anyone who has moved will tell you that scrambling to pack everything that you own in a week or two is pretty bloody stressful. We're trying to be proactive.)

We are very grateful to those who have volunteered to help with packing boxes and getting the house ready for sale. We will be taking you up on those offers and probably begging others for help too. You guys help keep us sane(ish).

God Bless!

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