Monday, September 5, 2011

Can we take the short cut? Please?

We have got more up in the air right now than the EAA Fly-in. Here's a quick recap to start your work week.

Lloyd is still in Charlie Battery. It still sucks rotten seaweed. He is still waiting for Miss Gibbs to finish pushing his paperwork though. The big delay in it is still that the doctors all need to sign off on the narrative summary (NARSUM) of all his medical conditions caused by his time in the service. As soon as all of the signatures are in place, Lloyd's packet will still need to go to the medical review board where he will be assigned a disability percentage rating.

Sarah is still working on all of the pieces for the move. It's a bit of a mess. Here's a quick summary.
  • The mortgage that we currently have on the house is a WHEDA loan. It is causing a bit of an issue for us right now because it requires that the house be owner occupied as the primary residence. It's not possible to comply with this and live in Oklahoma, so we need to refinance the loan.
  • In order to refinance the loan, they need to do an assessment of the current property value to determine how much equity we have in the house. Problem? The housing market is pretty volatile right now, and we are a little nervous about the value that the assessor is going to assign. The assessment should be done sometime this week. We'd appreciate lots of prayers.
  • The packing has been going well. Special thanks goes out to Jen for giving up all sorts of her "free" time   during the boys' nap time. There is no way that this much would be done without the help.
  • After the refinance is done, we can officially start trying to find an apartment in Lawton, and when a move in date can be arranged, set a date for the move. We have to wait until then though because otherwise they will deny the loan. (At the time that the loan is signed, the house needs to be a primary residence and notice can not have been given to the employer.)
  • We are still trying to find a place to store the Comet. Ideally, we would prefer to have it stored by family or friends instead of at a storage unit. Lloyd is (justifiably) nervous about just leaving it just anywhere. Anyone who has an idea, please let us know.
Some days, it's hard to even know where to work next on all of this. It seems like every time something gets checked off the to-do list, its completion adds two or three new things to the list. We are trying to remember our blessings, stay positive, and keep moving forward. Some days we do better at this than others, but we keep doing our best.

God Bless!

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  1. A shortcut like in Candy Land? I think that is a good idea! I am in full agreement!