Saturday, September 17, 2011

Special Request

This has been a long week for both of us, and we didn't get nearly as much accomplished as we would have liked. One major thing to report is that all of Lloyd's things have been moved out of his parents' house and are now piled in the living room and kitchen. This evening's project will be to start going through boxes and repacking them all to either go to Oklahoma or to the storage unit. It's going to be the primary project over the next few days.

The other project is going to require the help of others. While we are living in Oklahoma (and probably after that), we would like to put pictures of all of our family and friends in a digital frame. The idea is to have a constant reminder of fun times and the people who are supporting us through all of this. We would love it if you helped us to choose the pictures. Pick a few favorites and send them our way. Yes, part of it is that there are a ton of pictures and going through them would be overwhelming. However, it would be more fun, and more meaningful, if they were ones that you all actually really liked. Thank you all in advance!

God Bless!

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