Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eight Weeks

A few minutes ago, our postal carrier Jill rang the doorbell on Chez Sheffer. Two letters to Lloyd were returned as unable to deliver....postmarked July 25. For those of you not looking at a calendar right now, that's EIGHT WEEKS AGO! It took them EIGHT WEEKS to process a piece of mail. Ok, 7.5 weeks - the USPS had the letter for a day or two on either end. But still...a wedding invite last year was sent to the wrong address and came back in THREE DAYS - NOT EIGHT WEEKS! 

If anyone out there still has any question as to why Lloyd is still languishing at Fort Suck Sill, this should shine some light on the subject. This is just one more example of the bureaucratic black hole of all things paper that exists on the northern edge of Lawton, OK. Just how big of a SNAFU is this going to be anyway? Are months of letters suddenly going to start showing up back here in Wisconsin? Unbelievable.

Please pray for sanity and calm.

God Bless! 

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