Friday, March 27, 2015


It has been quite the week for us here in Chicago, and we've totally loved it. A certain someone started out early with new adventures by teaching herself how to unscrew lids on jars. She also managed to scoot her little bum into the other room before Papa saw the powdered coffee creamer all over the kitchen floor. (Apparently, being a grandparent causes amnesia as to how fast little kids can get into trouble.) It really is not possible to get mad at her when she's just exploring her world and not even trying to be naughty. There's plenty of times when she is trying to push boundaries, but this just was cute.
Elska spent a lot of time trying to play with her cousin. Unfortunately, three months old is a little young for playing catch and the toys kept hitting her in the face. After a day or so, she did figure out that tickling her feet and helping bounce the seat were better ways of playing. They spent the rest of the week having a grand time that involved lots of giggles and squeals. Elska also attempted to teach some dance moves. We'll see how well those lessons worked out in a few more months.

In other exciting news, Elska got her first book in Spanish, has learned to how to cough just for the fun of it (and to get her Papa to laugh as she "hocked up a big luge"), has started waving specifically at people instead of just randomly, had her first visit to the zoo, went to her first fish fry, and got her first string of beads.

As much fun as we've had, it will be nice when we head back home tomorrow. I miss Charlie, and Elska really misses her daddy. And her doggie. But mostly Daddy.

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