Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Three Cheers for Learnin'

Ok, now put them back!
A new game has emerged this last week: putting things back in their original container. It has taken various forms....putting towels back in the drawer in the kitchen and putting the coasters back in the coaster crock are the repeat versions. It's nice to think that there might be a "someday" out there when a certain little someone actually starts to pick up her own toys and put them away. Sure, it's a long way off, but I can dream, right?

After months of reading books, a favorite has emerged. I Howl I Growl requires the most funny voices from the reader and elicits lots of baby giggles. We got a late start on tracking for the "One Hundred Books Before Age One" program at the library, but we should still make it even though we only had 6 weeks by the time that we heard about the program. We've only got 35 to go in the next 2 weeks!

Last night, we went to our first event at the library. The theme was "Pete's a Pizza Pizza Party." Even though it was intended for kids 3 and up, Elska did a wonderful job of sitting and listening while the librarian read "Pete's a Pizza" and "Pizza Man", she colored nicely during the craft project (and only chewed on the crayons a little), and then shrieked with excitement when she saw her slice of cheese pizza. She did so well that the librarian talked to us about coming back for reading times in the future. We've got plans to go next week!

We are in the process of final preparations for Pi Day. Shirts are ordered and in transit to us, the Norske Nook reservations have been made (let us know if we need to add to it), and there are only a few minor details to arrange. We're counting down to 3.14.15 9:26:53!

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