Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Last Sunday, we had a nice dinner and some cake to celebrate that this little girl turned one year old. It was the perfect birthday party for a little girl - fun people, awesome presents, and her first ever sugar buzz. If you'd ask her, cream cheese frosting is amazing. If you ask her parents, we'd tell you that the crash associated with said sugar buzz combined with a nap free afternoon (someone decided that naps are for babies and she was too grown up for them) is a recipe for a disastrous bedtime. I've been lobbying for the reintroduction of a decent naptime all week. We'll see how those continued negotiations go.

Elska and I are spending this week helping to watch Elska's sweet, little, three month old cousin. It's a nice break from normal to be spending a week at someone else's place for a week. Sure, I've done a bit of laundry, cooking, and straightening up after ourselves, and there are two infants that like to feed off one another for melt downs. However, it still feels like a bit of a vacation. I don't feel like I need to be constantly cleaning, organizing, or working on projects for all of my free moments. It isn't a total break though since there are definite challenges, and us girls totally miss the Dread Pirate Roberts while he's home with the puppy and going to school. This is the longest that the sweet little girl has been away from Daddy, and she sure misses him. Hopefully we can get the video chat to work tomorrow morning, so she can jabber away to him for a bit.

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