Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ecclesiastes 1:9

We had been hoping that tonight we would be able to update that the Good Witch Glenda had whisked Lloyd to the realm of Princess Rainbow Sparkle Unicorn Pony, and everything was moving along on schedule, so in the not so distant future he would be able to click the heels of his combat boots together, and saying "there's no place like home," wake up to the smell of bacon and waffles in the kitchen. Unfortunately, it seems that Glenda has been very occupied with Dorothy and her little dog too.

Lloyd was supposed to meet with Miss Maria today, so his appointments could be scheduled. She stood him up. Again. This is a bit of a habit for her. (She was doing much better for awhile after the butt chewing she got, but apparently, the memory of it has faded.) He will try a Robin Hood style ambush on her tomorrow by staking out her office, and if necessary, make a phone call to get her butt chewed again.

The other angle that Lloyd was working was for his leave request. Last Thursday and Friday he was working on getting together all of the forms for the packet, so he could submit the request. One of the required pieces of paper is a printout from the system that shows how much leave he has accumulated. Fun little factoid: when the government was in danger of shutting down last week, they locked people out of the system that shows how much leave they have accumulated. They still have not unlocked it. Until they do, Lloyd is unable to finish and submit his leave request. He will be continuing to try every day....we just have no idea how long it will be before they get around to unlocking it.

While it may seem otherwise, today was a pretty normal day for us. We figure out a plan for how to attack the obstacles in front of us and wake up every morning with Mel Fischer's words in mind. "Today's the day!"

God Bless!

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