Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Waiting - a funny movie, but not so much fun in real life

It would be really nice to be have lots of news to post today. There just is not going to be a lot happening this week. While in the civilian world, there's always lots of news, the Army still gets information out and to people as if Pony Express was the fastest way to communicate.

We are working on making the arrangements for next month's road trip to Oklahoma. The unfortunate reality is that we have done this enough times that it's not too difficult. This has been added to the list of things that we never wanted to be good at doing but can now accomplish without much effort.

The only other news really is that (not surprisingly) the Blue Falcons are flying at Fort Suck Sill. Again. (Still?) Spring fever is apparently causing a few more issues than normal, and Lloyd has been doing his best to keep anyone from doing anything stupid enough to result in more collective punishment...especially since they have finally gotten back some (but not all) of their privileges after more than a year. It's been adding just a sprinkle more stress to life - and not the fun rainbow or chocolate colored kind that goes on ice cream.

Next week is when Lloyd's appointments are scheduled, so until then, we wait. (That would be another thing for the list of things that I wish I wasn't so good at doing.)

God Bless!

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