Friday, April 29, 2011

A Bittersweet Day

As Lloyd has gone through his med board, his chain of command has come and gone, and the guys who were in his unit have as well. Few are there for an extended period of time. Burnett (aka Amish) was an exception. He and Lloyd spent a lot of time together in Bravo. For all the teasing that guys do, Lloyd appreciated having Amish there with him because of a shared disdain for a lot of the stupid that goes on with a bunch of young guys cooped up together and a strong desire to get home to their family. Yesterday, Burnett got transferred to Charlie bringing him one step closer to his goal of going home to his wife and kiddo. His presence in Bravo will be missed. We are really happy for Burnett though. He's a good guy who has gone through a lot of struggle, and this is a huge victory for him. We're praying for things to continue quickly for him, so he can get home to his family soon.

God Bless!

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