Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Short, Sweet, and the Slightest Bit of Sassy

The good news is that Lloyd's phase one and phase 2 physicals went as scheduled today. He has dictation tomorrow, and that should go without a hitch as well. Theoretically, all that would be needed then is a letter from his CO. ( always seems that they realize that there's another form or something to fill out. You would think that they'd have standardized procedures and check lists for this sort of thing, but it's the Army. They are incredibly good at putting bits of metal into the bad guys. They seem rather inept at most other things.) Also on the good news front, the LES got unlocked on schedule, so he was able to print off the paperwork for the leave request packet.

It wasn't enough for Bin Laden to be an despicable bastard in his lifetime. Even though he had become basically irrelevant because he's been hiding for so long, the military is on an elevated alert status due to reprisal concerns which is making life difficult at Fort Suck Sill. We're not entirely sure of exactly how that will impact us in the long term, but Lloyd is worried that it could hinder his ability to get his leave granted. He'll still request it, and we'll pray.

God Bless!

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