Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Like Alphabet Soup

It has been a long week for us filled with tons of important information, and it's not even finished yet. Luckily, between the two of us, we have been able to get most of it. You have no idea what a mess of various programs are out there for vets as they leave the military. It is absolutely no wonder that there is so much emphasis on having spouses there for the briefings. It's hard enough to grasp the stuff while sitting doesn't make much sense when transmitted in bits and pieces second hand. Even though Lloyd has been to the classes at least 3 other times, he's still hearing new stuff and things that we need to know for after he gets out.

On other fronts, Lloyd has been pushing to figure out exactly where the delay in his transfer to Charlie is happening, so he can work on getting that obstacle removed. (His packet was complete and submitted on Friday, so he technically should have already been transfered. It's frustrating of course, but we are still within the "expected delay due to red tape and someone not doing their job" time frame.) He's also been pushing to get someone to give an answer on the leave request packet that he submitted. It's a fine line on both fronts for him. If he doesn't push, it will just sit indefinitely; if he pushes too hard, he could end up having some drill sergeant make his life (even more) difficult. Hopefully, we will get news on both fronts very soon. Until then, we wait. Still. C'est la vie. Right?

God Bless!

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