Saturday, May 7, 2011

Do NOT ignore the large sign that says "WARNING" on it

It seems that Fort Suck Sill is still on high alert status in the wake of Operation Geronimo. Vehicles coming on post are being searched (why they weren't previously begs some questions on security - let's not get started), IDs are being checked a lot more frequently while on post, and it is likely that there would be much more serious repercussions to taking the back route to Geronimo's grave than just getting teased by your wife. It could make things interesting for future visits, but it is more likely to just take a few extra minutes to get places. In all fairness, the "high alert" security measures are nothing more than what one would expect to be the normal expectations for a military base. Why wouldn't you verify people's identity and check to make sure that vehicles aren't carrying weapons or explosives? Um, duh? As far as the back route? There's no way a POV should ever be able to get anywhere near there unchallenged. Even tiny little Fort McCoy verifies proof of registration and insurance for vehicles entering base....something discovered the hard way. (It's a little unsettling to stand at the security station and wait for faxes.) For next week's visit, there will be additional time allowed. How the heightened alert status impacts leave is yet to be discovered. On that, we're standin' in the need of prayer.

As far as news on the med board status goes, this last week was a good one. Physicals are finished. Dictation is done. All of the paperwork should be in order for Lloyd's transfer to Charlie. Theoretically, it can happen any time now. The cadre just needs to get their biscuits in gear and send him over there. They can be a little lackadaisical about it though. While it theoretically could happen Monday morning, the experience of Amish, Peck, and all the rest is that it will probably take 2-3 weeks or possibly even longer. It is going to take a lot of restraint for a certain wife to not give the drill sergeant on duty an earful next Saturday morning if her husband is still at Bravo. (We'll have to see how all of those books on people skills work.) Once Lloyd is at Charlie, the game changes considerably. The primary thing happening at that point will be waiting for the review board to make their determination. The rules and privileges will be different, and we are going to have to figure them all out when the time comes. Hopefully, things will be a bit more relaxed, and it will make things a little easier on both of us.

As those who have noticed the sharp increase in baked goods from Chez Sheffer or who have talked much to Lloyd can attest, these last months have been very stressful for both of us. (Thanks to everyone who's been eating all of the cookies.) We're getting closer to the end of this time of trial. Unfortunately, the closer we get to the finish, the more difficult it is to not lose patience or get frustrated.

God Bless!

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