Monday, May 23, 2011

Rainbow Days

Rainbows are pretty amazing. You only see a rainbow in the sky when the sun shines through the rain....a bright spot in a dismal day is what gives us the beauty of a rainbow. Sometimes life is like that too. There are rainbow days. When days are dark and gray, laughter shines through the tears and casts a rainbow on your heart and soul. It isn't that you go out looking for rainy days, but when they happen, you can search out that bright spot and find the beauty even then.

These last few weeks have had a fair share of those rainy days in them....not major storms - just those drizzly gray days. Sure, things in Lloyd's med board process have sped up to lightening fast by Army standards....if it gets any faster, it may exceed the rate of travel by these guys. Not quite Chuck Yeager, but getting there. In some ways, it makes it more difficult that we are in the home stretch on the process. Every little delay seems bigger and way more frustrating because the end is in sight. Little kids are way more impatient for Christmas the week before than they are in February.

We do have our bright spots of course. The big one is the planned road trip to Arizona next month even though the circumstances surrounding the trip are not what we would have chosen. Making plans has done a lot to keep us from going crazy while we sit and wait for the med board paperwork to move. (And wait. And wait. And wait.) It is a concrete date and place that acts as an anchor, and the time together will be the longest stretch that we've had together since we got married. It's very much needed. We are praying that we hear early this week yet that his leave request is approved. It will definitely help to ease some of the stress for us to know that at least that is going in our favor.

We thank you again for all of your prayers.

God Bless!

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