Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Uncle Sam Hates Allie

If you're having a conversation with someone associated with the Army, and they are telling you about some sort of rules or paperwork that seem absurd, don't even bother to ask, "are you kidding me?" The answer is no, they are not. They are probably even trying to do their best to make the situation seem less insane because the actual reality is completely unbelievable to a normal person.

Lloyd had thought that he was all set to submit his leave request packet for us to go to Arizona. Not quite. He has all sorts of extra paperwork to fill out because #1 he is not going home for the leave and #2 he will be traveling to the destination in a privately owned vehicle (POV). (In his current status, he is not allowed to drive or even travel in a POV under normal circumstances and needs to get extra permission for his leave. For some reason, it applies to time on leave and not a weekend pass. It's easier to just not ask too many questions and go with it. Your head will hurt less.) The first part is all set and ready to go as well as all of the normal leave request forms, but he is having problems getting the paperwork for our Alero (Allie) done and will need to get additional help from a drill sergeant tomorrow.

Yup. This is our life.

God bless!


  1. Never ceasing to amaze me!

  2. Wow, frustrating! I can't wait until this is all behind you guys and you can just live and breathe freedom from all these absurd rules.