Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finally Off the Merry-Go-Round?

When you wake up every morning and say, "today's the day!" and face the day with a persistent determination to do everything in your power to make it happen.....eventually, you're right.

Lloyd was finally able to get in contact with Miss Maria today. She was able to confirm the news that we had been hoping to hear this week. All of the forms and paperwork needed for Lloyd's packet are ready, and Miss Gibbs should be calling him tomorrow to set the appointments for his dictation and physicals. It has been really exciting to be having relatively steady progress for the last six weeks or so. While there is still more to go, we are at least seeing movement in the right direction.

Every case has its own intricacies, so we are not 100% sure of all the details on what is to come for the rest of the process. The basic framework though is that Lloyd will finish his appointments, and all of the stuff will be put into this packet of information for his transfer to Charlie. Once Lloyd signs off on it all, he will be eligible for the transfer. (Having the paperwork say it is ok to transfer and actually getting transfered are two different things. Lloyd has said that some of the guys have had random delays that have no explanation beyond "because it's the Army") Lloyd is hoping that since Drill Sergeant Seville has taken notice of how long he has been there, she will get him over to Charlie ASAP. She's known for being someone to get things done which we could really use right now. Once Lloyd gets to Charlie, they will work through finalizing his official Med Board packet before submitting it to the review board down in San Antonio. At that point, about all that we'll have left is for the fat lady to do her thang. (Ok, that whole paragraph is confusing. Some people want more details though...basically, a ton of paperwork needs to be pulled together so some doctors in San Antonio can determine just how banged up Lloyd is. He's got at least one person who he considers an ally to keep the process moving, and it is looking like we've got the finish line in sight right on the edge of the horizon.)

God Bless!


  1. That is fantastic Sarah! We'll pray that everything goes smoothly from here on out!